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Welcome to Ida's Place! (

If you're looking for the Sailormoon Fanart Gallery that used to be at Ida's Place you'll find it at it's spankin' new Domain! Simply use the links at the top right to jump between the various domains here.

This website is now completely dedicated to the Senshi of the Island Worlds, my Sailormoon Fanfiction.

If you're a Sailormoon fan you already know the original Asteroid Senshi Sailor Pallas, Vesta, Ceres and Juno. This is a story about Sailor Ida, Eissa, Gastra and Keele.

You can read a little more background information under "Introduction" or you can just jump ahead to whatever interests you most by using the links above.

As any happy Otaku Senshi creator out there I very much appreciate any kind of fanart so feel free to send it my way!! ^_^

You can reach me via . Just make sure you add a destriptive subject line! Otherwise I might accidentally delete your email along with spam mails.


- Diana

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